A. Fabrication facility that includes combination of mechanical and hydraulic NC press brakes, Press brake, power press and guillotine shear machine.

1. Maximum sheet thickness is 6mm
2. Maximum bending capacity 10ft

B. Welding & Finishing

Welding includes Tig welding and mig welding as well as spot welding for materials Aluminium, Copper, Mild Steel and Stainless Steel.

C. Powder coating plant

State of the art color plant technology with Oven capacity of 4ft x 6ft x 8ft, Two Paint booths one for light colors and one for dark colors with a capacity of 4ft x 6ft x 8ft.

High quality Pretreatment process
Chemical degreasing
Rust cleaner with chemical
Phosphate layering

Powder coating, metal parts are painted with the electrostatic guns in the spray booth. When it is required there's also a possibility to install manual stations for the retouching, Metal parts go into the enclosed booth with the balanced air ventilation where one or more workers using manual guns apply the powder coat. In this booth various colors can be applied at the same time.

The part is driven on a belt that takes it into the oven and the paint process is complete.

D. Assembly (Mechanical and Electrical)

F. CNC Machines

- CNC Punching machine
- CNC Machining centre
- CNC Turningcentre
- CNC wire cut EDM

CNC punching machines 240 and 2000R Maximum punching 1000 strokes per minute Maximum 6.38 mm Sheet thickness Maximum Sheet length 4ft x 8ft We have a tooling facility to make dies, jigs and fixtures.

Machining Centre, Router machine, Drilling and Tapping centre Bed size 1000x500x500 Spindle Speed Maximum 8000RPM

CNC turning centre with bar feeder
Maximum Spindle speed 4500 RPM Maximum turning dia 230mm Maximum turning length 600mm With 12 Station Turret